Back in Basic

I’m a first time blogger, first time university student, and a first time horticulturist.

I’m currently enrolled in the Senior Seminar class for horticulture majors, even though I don’t graduate for another year. Although I have a year and a half, it really reminds me how fast my college career has gone. I feel like I was just in basic floral design with Dr. DelPrince taping 32 guage wire and making my first bow.

That’s really where it all started, my horticulture career; that basic floral design class in the fall of 2014. I had absolutely NO CLUE what I had signed up for. As active as I was in the FFA, I had never competed in the floriculture design contests or really ever touched fresh flowers with the intentions of decor. Like I said in my ‘about’, I came from a livestock based ag program, so plants were something exciting and new. I honestly felt a little behind since I had chosen this field as my future and I had no prior experience. But it was really the opposite, DDP and Mrs. Lynette McDougald (who was teaching my section of lab for the semester) really understood that it was an entry level course and didn’t expect me to come in a professional. I was never discouraged if I couldn’t tape as fast as the student next to me or if my pressed display didn’t turn out how I pictured. That class really set a basis for techniques and knowledge that I’ve used in every design class since.

I think if I could tell freshman me something it would be to relish in all the great learning experiences to come from these classes and competitions; they really do fly by quickly. Soon enough I won’t get to be a horticulture student at MSU, I’ll have to be a real adult with a real job and I’ll miss the classes I used to complain about.



My first arrangement EVER. Made blindfolded in SAIFD!


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