End of My Third Chapter

Junior year is probably one of the hardest years in college – you’re so close to the end, yet too far from the beginning for people to take pity on you for having a rough time. Not to say that any year is easy, but junior year is usually when it hits most people. My junior year just ended (today actually), and it’s honestly not sunk in yet that come August I will begin the last steps in my education. I mean, a lot is about to change now, too. My best friend and her fiancé are graduating and moving back to Texas (it’s fine I’ll just stow away nbd), most everyone I’m close to is leaving Starkville; I AM NOT READY. There’s only so much of college left, and I want to make the most of it before real life starts. My last football season as a student at Mississippi State, my last sorority date function, my last BDB or SBW, my last late night Bop’s run; it’s all coming too fast.

So I want to take a moment, before senior year begins, to take a recap on junior year. A lot of good happened, a ton to be thankful for, and quite a bit that I’ll remember my college career by.

Here we go . . .

I got to serve my pan fam as a Gamma Chi Recruitment Counselor for fall formal recruitment. It was one of the most difficult experiences and the most rewarding. Love your buddy, love your girls, love yourself.

I finished my last semester as Zeta Tau Alpha’s Director of Sisterhood. I threw some ballin’ events, if you missed out. It runs in the family.

My best friend got engaged over the summer (in Paris btw, look it up if you haven’t read the story or click here!) and I get to be a BRIDESMAID!! So excited for June 9, 2018. I love y’alls love.

I was able to attend National FFA Convention and wear my corduroy one last time in the city where I spent two years in the National Chorus – Indianapolis. I got to sing on stage as a choir alum, and I got to meet my favorite National Officer from the 2011 team, Wyatt DeJong. The main event of this trip was meeting Mike Pence before I went across stage to receive my American Degree. I am now part of the 1%.

I turned 21 in April; that’s something to celebrate! Here’s a toast to friendship.

I was nominated and accepted as an undergraduate member of the Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society for Agriculture, and I was also chosen to be the newest Plant and Soil Sciences CALS ambassador. #AGvocate

White Wedding Wednesday became a thing this spring semester, and it was a hit! Love my flower gals and our drive to never been the boring ones in the room. May our flower walls stay upright and our kale only be for salads.

To wrap up the year, I was chosen to serve a second term for MSU SAIFD’s exec as chapter president. The current year has been great, and I’m looking forward to seeing our club grow and flourish (much like a flower, wow!)

Over all I’d say it was a pretty successful year, BUT that’s not the only reason I’m here. I wanted to formally announce how I’ll be spending my summer! (drum roll please)

. . .

This Sunday I will be moving to Birmingham, AL!!

I will be with HotHouse Design Studio this summer as a floral design intern! 

This is an incredible company, and I have so much to learn. I’m nervous (but mostly excited) to take on this journey in a new city, in a fast paced industry, and with some of the best. I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it. So stay tuned, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

To check out HotHouse, click here !



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